1. How does the cameras perform at night? With little light, See for yourself below.
  2. Is there a warranty? Yes, we have a 5-year warranty for all the equipment provided.
  3. Who pays for the labor to replace a failed camera? SAFER San Jose has a fund to pay for the labor and will do so until this fund is depleted.
  4. Who owns the security camera system after 5 years? The property owner will own all equipment after 5 years of receiving equipment.
  5. Who will have access to the video? Only residents of the house.
  6. How will police receive the video clips? Video Clips are only accessible by residents of the house. Police will contact residents of the house to make arrangements to receive video clips via memory stick or email.
  7. What happens if the house is sold before the 5 years is up? The property owner is required to give SAFER San Jose 30-day notice and provide the contact information of the new owners. If the new owners do not want the security camera system, then all the equipment is returned to SAFER San Jose.
  8. Who will be installing the equipment? A California licensed contract.
  9. Is the equipment and installation at no charge to the homeowner? Yes
  10. What are strategic houses. There are many various conditions that are considered to make a house strategic. Using the picture below makes a house a very strong strategic house. The red triangles in the picture represents what a camera would see. The smallest angle would be where the camera is place, hence a strategic location. Again, your house does not have to be as the examples below, so if you like the idea of getting a free security camera system, then click the link below:

    Request A Free Security Camera System

    Example of Strategic Houses